SofT – Sacrament of Transition

SofT – Sacrament of Transition, our saviour, our maestro-teacher, and valuable associate is one of the first Iboga centres in Europe, with about 20 years of experience in this session, yet from the period before the internet era.

IBOGA SofT reset studio is dedicated to spiritual uplifting, with human body and spirit recovering alike. We provide full assistance which includes setting diagnosis of the energy condition of the individual and creating necessary preparations before the Iboga treatment, as well as introduction, stimulation, and navigation of the ritual, i.e. all necessary actions with Iboga, powerful plant which enables strong psycho/physical detox, all in combination with amazon plant tools and sound vibrations which stimulate deeper process and bring greater benefits through which one is elevated as a spiritual being and recovered from life experiences gained so far and bad consumptions, as stimulation of the central nervous system in the body brings positive changes.

People come to our studio for the Iboga session with different motives. Some come to widen their awareness or to get rid of from addictions or frustrations, while some come to be cured, but it is not us that cure them; we only lead them and help them to return to their nature through their personal processes in this spiritual session, refine themselves, enrich their life with new knowledge, achieve internal balance, self-assurance, and peace, thus healing their dissipated health, to continue further development of their way in life and become better, more enlightened humans.

During the Iboga session, the participant enjoys all necessary assistance and attention of an ibonaut and curandera, spiritual guide and guard in the course of the session, who, among other things, bears the responsibility of telling the participant about possible risks in case of failure to act in line with preparations or instructions before the session, i.e. irresponsible approach and actions before and in the course of the session. It is especially important that hard drugs, medicine and alcohol addicts adhere to ibonaut’s advice to facilitate safe treatment. IBOGA SofT reset studio ibonaut is fully dedicated to participants and take care of their safety, as well as their full comfort, energizing, and stimulation, to help the client feel as well as possible, and to undergo the session as successfully as possible.

The session is not a frightening method of advancement, but it is important to perceive it as a serious opportunity to change life to the better, and do what is needed before, during the course of, and after the session. The more properly one approaches the session and the more sincerely one initiates the process from the very first contact with an ibonaut, the more will Iboga help them release their emotional energy blockages. The approach, psychological and physical preparation, and the intention with which you enter the process are of exceptional importance.

The character of hard drug addicts frequently involves lies and manipulation. The ibonaut has no legal or other mechanisms to check all the data imparted to him/her by the participant, so the participant bears all responsibility for truthfulness of the data. In case the participant does not tell correct information to the ibonaut prior to commencement of the session but lies or skips the truth, this may diminish the quality of the session because of inadequate dose or wrong combination of plant tools, or simply be risky for the participant. In these terms, before the session starts, the participant needs to sign a statement that he/she accepts the session willingly and on his/her own responsibility, and donate an amount to cover the costs of the session, time and commitment of the ibonaut who risks soaking in bad energy from the participant, and promotion of Iboga which is full of uncertainty. In order to avoid all health-related risks, there are some cases in which the ibonaut is forced to refuse the participant, such as in the case of pregnant women, very old persons, and cardiac patients.

From numerous years of experience it is a well-known the rule that before, in the course of, or directly after the Iboga treatment the participant must on no grounds take any drugs, alcohol, or even most pharmaceuticals! During the session, it is recommended that the participant is dressed in comfortable clothes which are not tight and in which the participant feels well. After consumption of a certain type and combination of Iboga alkaloid which the ibonaut prepares in individual dosages and after the needs of the participant, the participant is comfortably seated and needs to wait, calmly, for initial effects, which are usually felt after some 30 minutes or a bit later. Prior to the process itself, the ibonaut, who stays with the participant and takes care of him/her, does not tell the client about what might happen as different individuals perceive things differently; thus, it does not help to inform the participant too much about what could possibly be felt. No one has ever experienced Iboga medicine in the same manner, and in the session everyone will perceive it differently, in line with own needs and motives for approaching it.

The key thing in participants’ approach is the wish to change for better, and acceptance of this particular method of change. In the beginning, some people can experience nervousness or fear of the unknown or internal closure, but this condition is not desirable to be maintained on the mystical journey Iboga takes us to, because in such cases it is more difficult to recognize the lessons Iboga may teach us pointing to possibilities we did not perceive before. Imagine you are a child who travels through enchanting and inspiring parts of the planet or Universe while Iboga tries to show you the world around you. It would be a shame to you cover your view so do not make any anticipations because of your fear or potential fear; it can make you feel worse, and all because of the ego which is fighting against an unusual change. Take the first step on this journey with acceptance, relax, and comprehend there are no reasons for anxiety or fear.

In the course of the process, people have different inner experiences, because everyone gets what Iboga intends for them in line with their personal merits or cooperation for spiritual opening. While few do not have any particular visions, most people remember visions they had, and there are some who do not remember them even though it is obvious that they have had them during the process. This should not preoccupy us, because our sub-conscious certainly memorizes and adopts insights for a new and better life. These visions are most similar to dreams with open eyes, which makes Ibogaine an oneiric substance.

In the first part of Iboga treatment (the first day), when the visions are the strongest, all participants find it hard to manage their bodily and motoric functions. The first stage is followed by the second stage (the first night), when dreams with open eyes gradually cease and motoric functions slowly return under control. The body is exhausted, but the participant mostly finds it hard fall asleep, although this is all individual. Psycho-physical condition of the participant improves after the third stage (second day). Here we need to emphasize some frequent reactions of people who come to Iboga treatment to rid themselves of opiate addiction.

In the course of the second or the third day, those persons experience something like opiate withdrawal pains, which can be described as a dull pain in the legs; however, that is only an effect of the Ibogaine process when boredom or small dose of nervousness can appear, which should be accepted patiently; luckily, this feeling lasts short and gets weaker each new hour, so already cured addicts start feeling positive effects of the session shortly after it or at least soon.

People who never used opiate drugs experience similar feelings proportionally to their toxic career, but in a much less severe form, and without the imaginary dull pain in the legs.

It turned out that, when people want to stop using drugs with assistance of the Iboga treatment, it takes willingness and desire to change and work on themselves, so as to reach desired effects. They primarily need to be patient till the end of the session; after the first dream already, they start feeling that all pains and negative emotions are now only a part of the past. Relief from this psychological pain creates the feeling as if you are born again.

The difference between termination of drug consumption with and without Iboga treatment may be figuratively described in the following manner:
To rid oneself from opiate addiction “cold turkey”, without any aid or possibly aided by some tranquilizers is like digging a 1 km long trench with only a peep and a shovel, or, rather, only your hands and fingers. If you are getting off drugs with the Iboga treatment, you are digging your trench with an excavator. Still, be aware that the trench will not dig itself. You still need to sit in the excavator, learn how to handle it, and dig the trench, in this case certainly much faster and easier. Trench digging is the most painless metaphor for terminating heroin addiction. All addicts know this.

Thus, Iboga is a plant with properties of a magic pill or magic wand, but you still need to feel the desire to take this magic wand in your hands, as well as your willingness to do your best when you point the wand in the direction of the desired magic. If it is so, and it is not difficult to wish the best for oneself, magic will take place. This example is mostly relates to anti-toxin preparation before the session just as the psychological cession through the session.

The most powerful process of the Iboga session usually lasts for one day, while the whole process with recovery lasts one-and-a-half to two days, depending on the condition which needs to be resolved, as well as the mood and patience of the participant to stay accommodated in our studio. On the first day, the effects with visions and powerful detox are the strongest, so some participants sweat, while others need to go to the toilet or vomit; on the second, or sometimes the third day, regardless of how the participant feels, they need to be resting patiently with assistance and support of the ibonaut, in the harmony of Tesla’s scalar waves generated in the course of the session by the special quantum energy mechanism which harmonizes the organism and the room with natural vibrations.


After Iboga treatment, it is desirable that the now former addicts, as well as those who were never addicted, pay attention to several things Because of concentration may drop as a result of complete body-and-mind relaxation, we recommend that participants should refrain from driving or doing some responsible work at mechanical plants several days after the initiation, but rest and have walks in the nature instead. Ideally, besides healthy food, they should be taking a lot of water at least one week after the initiation (not teas, fruit juices or carbonated drinks, but plain, healthy, potable water). Even if they do not feel thirsty, they should be taking as much water as possible. It is desirable to use a little sauna, while hot baths are also recommendable. All this is done with the aim to discharge the last remains of toxins through sweat and excrement. This is also the best way to initiate changes of bad habits and get accustomed to the new, healthy way of life. Numerous people also change they nutrition after the Iboga treatment, and start developing healthy eating habits. It happens that smokers, who come to treatment to be treated from drug addiction, also stop feeling the need for cigarettes. There are numerous examples of positive changes in lives of people after this session. This should not be surprising; if Iboga is as powerful as to clean, disrupt the habit and heal one from heroin or methadone habit, it is logical to conclude that the same can also happen with other vices or afflictions. It also contributes to development of creativity and incites the desire to aim to positive goals.

To get accustomed to their new life after this beneficial session, the participants will be assisted by advice of the ibonaut, who will also be available for them for a longer time if needed. In time, noticeable effects of Iboga gradually cease after several weeks, which is sufficient for most participants to get used to implementation of changes in their life, with new own capacities necessary for development and progress.

If a participant happens to notice desire for certain vice, he/she should inform the ibonaut about that prior to possible consumption and intoxication. If the Iboga session is needed for the second time, it is possibleafter a certain time, or from time to time. Practice has shown that the first session is mostly more efficient and powerful than the following ones; thus, it is desirable to be dedicated to preparations before the first session.

Rarely, somebody returns to the same vice after the first session, but if it happens – it is not a total loss because through the session the participant has still cleaned himself from the intoxications he/she had until then, and through spiritual reset he/she enabled easier life even if after some time he/she return to old vice. Of course we want to avoid that, so it is recommended that the participant stays in touch if the advice and support is needed from the ibonaut. That is why in some cases, for long-term opiate addicts, it is recommended that the participant schedules the second session with the ibonaut prior to the first session; thus, with assistance of the ibonaut and specially allocated dose, combination, and other types of Iboga alkaloid, such participants will be able to additionally strengthen their will and support set goals.


– A lot of water to drink for ten days

– Healthy food

– Sleeping at regular time before midnight and activities without rush

– Recreational exercising

– Meditation, praying, or positive self-suggestion in inner peace

– Various breathing exercises

– Laughter

– Social life with people who do not have vices

– Continuation of spiritual exploring and work on oneself.