Iboga reset : better people – better for the planet


Let us take an example of any computer the performances of which are diminished through time during the process of work because of improper usage, viruses, inadequate maintenance etc. actually all that damages its software. In time, the internal components become loaded causing buggy applications, the processor slows down; thus, although unharmed, the hardware cannot serve its purpose, and the entire system is damaged. An update or reset was already needed earlier, but the service or repairmen are especially needed now so that the computer can work properly again.

Similarly, human soul and body get overloaded due to unhealthy consumptions, which may cause emotional conditions such as: stress, fear, sadness, dissatisfaction, and self-destructive conditions like hatred. All those negative conditions accumulate bad energies inside us that can be materialized in time as tumors, cancer or some serious illness. If a person does not acknowledge one’s mistakes and does not become aware of one’s specific bad habits, unhealthy consumptions or patterns; if he/she does not clean from negative energies regularly by spending time in the nature for example, doing some physical work which can help to some point, or doing any other healthy or curative method such as, let’ s say, fasting, which acquires time, strength and patience, then it leads to a bad life direction, mental, and then physical obstacles and illnesses as results. If one then fails to reset, negative mental fixations may occur, leading to degradation of personality which prevents development and achievement of optimum health and life potential.

Unfortunately, we can notice that an increasing number of people around us are feeling worse on everyday basis; however, it is good to know that they can still recover fast with assistance of the Iboga treatment. This is why we deem promotion of Iboga and other precious plants an important venture, as we became convinced that this visionary plant purifies people and brings people back to their true being. In this way, it helps us feel better, live more freely and without tensions, delighted with the full capacity of our energy potential, in love for the world inside us and around us. Having achieved spiritual balance, it is easier to perceive valuable goals, which elevates us to the desired levels of consciousness and welfare on the way to these goals, as is given to us by birth. All this is much easier to achieve by maintaining energy hygiene on time while we are still healthy compared to the dark days where our mind and spirit are unwell.