Ibogaine Treatment Studio

Our Iboga treatment sessions are carried out in privacy and comfort of our IbogaSofT reset studio, individually or in a pair if you wish someone close to you to attend the session. In the course of Iboga session we use orgonite and a TeslaGen T-7TS quantum energy generator which generates Tesla scalar waves – energy vibrations dimensionally richer in form, which restores bio-energy structures of the organism and space. This means that except for the powerful Iboga treatment, you are secured in space with the healthiest energy vibrations which otherwise occur in natural settings such as mountains, waterfalls, forests, sea costs, or in the vicinity of pyramids. This harmonious combination largely contributes to spiritual healing, which certainly has positive impact on the physical/psychological condition.

Before we schedule the Iboga treatment, we start with exchange of necessary information with you via e-mail, because this is the best way that we all have an available reminder on the protocol of your need; after setting the diagnosis of your physical and psychological condition, we define your individual anti-toxin programme relevant to your preparation for the Iboga treatment, so that you could feel and enjoy the greatest possible benefit of this herbal medicine.

You may arrange for your Iboga session directly with an ibonaut via e-mail, where you will get answers, instructions, and advice in relation to your diet and personal programme before scheduling the Iboga session.

e-mail : resetstudio@ibogaine-reset.com