IBOGA SofT reset studio treats all of those who seek fast and wholesome recovery or those who wish to rise above their current state of hopelessness and want to establish internal peace and balance, as well as those who only aim towards spiritual advancement and more intense internal enlightenment. The ancient Iboga medicine is a good method for all of those who want to gain this special and entirely extraordinary, but also pleasant spiritual experience, enlighten their internal being in a short period of time, which attracts love and increases power to continue working on themselves. The Iboga treatment empowers the individual psychologically and opens up one’s way to self-knowledge and internal change. People mostly use this session to fight vice, although it is also efficient for those who do not suffer from any addiction or health problem, but only want to develop personal creativity though discovery of new energy levels in the course of the session, or want to enrich their life with new contents and knowledge, expand their consciousness and intellect, which they will use in life situations, and which will help them be better in practice, and feel better in general.

It only takes the wish to change oneself; thus, with short and healthy preparation before the session, beneficial effects of Iboga treatment are already perceptible a few hours or days after the session. We believe that a person living in the western civilization does not need traditional and seemingly wild and loud African ritual methods; thus, we combine Iboga and amazon plant-tools, together with kambo (sapo) if necessary, in quiet conditions, so that positive effects – which is the aim of the treatment – are reached during a comfortable stay in our reset studio, with assistance of an ibonaut and curandera, person who assists the participants, monitors, and controls their processes in a safe manner.

When our Iboga session participant is properly balanced and settled for better and easier life, he/she should acknowledge that personal growth never ends; in foreseeable time, we advise that one should continue working on oneself depending on weather one feels the call of Ayahuasca or needs help of Syberian shamanism, or possibly quantum or some other method for further health and consciousness improvement through new practical experiences.