Ibogaine Effects

When it comes to psychological processes – one ibogaine treatment is equal to effect of a thousand psychotherapies; among other effects, Iboga treatment is a very powerful detox, and this session transforms the person through deep subconscious visions (wake dreams), when it is a possible to solve the root of our internal problems. Iboga may also be a catalyst for regeneration of our nervous cells; depending on the personality and individual aspirations, Iboga may also assist in resolution of severe psychological conditions and disturbances.

In general, Iboga eliminates negative feelings we are overburdened with due to different forms of fear from the moment of psychological shock that we have experienced or emotional blockages which get accumulated in us in time resulting in emergence of negative phenomena such as stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, frustration, migraine, weariness, etc.

The process itself cannot be precisely described; however, during the Iboga session we undergo a total reset, and the spirit is healed which also revives and revitalizes the organism and the body. In analogy to this, our instinct for self-knowledge, healthier lifestyle, and beneficial progress of our being is kindled in every sense, as our subconscious gives us back the aboriginal sense of our existence though internal visions in the universal space of information. The positive subconscious balance upgrades our consciousness to a higher level, which is when destructive reason is lost, as well as the need to intake toxins and practice bad habits carrying low vibrations. This literally liberates us from internal slavery. Iboga purifies us returning us to a better being, so life, contemplation, and projection of own goals are much better. For some people, such as drug addicts, this presents salvation from doom, while for others it is a good solution for personal advancement as an investment into better life. Iboga treatment is a very powerful spiritual session which provides long-term benefits, which is why there is no need for it to be repeated for a long period of time. Ibogaine causes no addiction at all, and is not a recreational drug.