Ibogaine History

Iboga (TabernantheIboga) is a bushy tree with orange fruit and green leaves, which reaches the height of several meters, and which grows in rainforests of Central and West Africa. The extract of this plant is non-toxic natural entheogenibogaine, which is mostly concentrated in the root bark, as well as TA (total alkaloid extract), PTA, and HCL (hydrochloride alkaloid). Same as root bark, these substances are used in powdery form for the purpose of this healing treatment, and are meritorious for the mystical journey with visions and elevation of the state of consciousness. Ibogaine treatment has the longest tradition and has been used for centuries in spiritual sessions among African tribes of Gabon which is also called the African Tibet. In these areas, Iboga is deemed a gift from gods. This is where this plant, which the Pygmy and other ancient tribes used to heal different illnesses or as assistance in psychological maturing of young people through the period of transition to the world of adults, originates from. During the first half of the 20th century, it was used as a cure for tumor and depression, as for recovery of contagious diseases. It has been used as a cure for addiction only since the middle of the same century, when it was discovered by Howard Lotsof, film director, who suffered from opiate addiction, not earlier than in 1950s. He was the most important pioneer in promotion of this precious plant; once he realized that he had been cured from addiction through an Iboga session by a mere chance, he started Iboga experiments on his closest friends, opiate addicts, and continued serious laboratory researches of properties of Iboga impact. Ever since scientific research proved positive healing power of this plant, major institutions have been trying to hide information about that, as its effect is opposed to the pharmaceutical philosophy of treatment oriented to addiction to pharmaceuticals within a consumer society.

Due to dreamlike visions, spiritual professionals describe Iboga as a mystical plant with healing properties with oneiric effects rather than a hallucinogen, as the modern world associates hallucinations with drugs; the truth is that this plant is actually something entirely different. Experience has shown that Ibogaine treatment takes us to a higher level of consciousness, like through extremely deep meditation, where vibrations of the energy field are different, making us more open for acceptance of universal healing energy. Thus, when in the zone of such frequencies, we are more capable of perceiving and getting rid of key emotional blockades which oppress us deep in our soul, at the same time refreshing and regenerating certain neurons in the body, as well as opioid receptors in the brain.