Ibogaine Anti Addiction

When the diagnosis of the issue in the person who needs help is set, we offer advice and identify individual preparation programmes prior to the session. For the session we use Iboga medicine, properly prepared and combined, of pure composition and potency in appropriate doses, which is an elixir for spiritual advancement, leading to extraordinary visions, occurrences, and changes of state of perception in the course of the session. Along with detoxication which simultaneously takes place, there is a close connection with positive effects in further course of life after the Iboga session. It is only the Iboga treatment that can rid one of problems with addiction to alcohol, soft or even the hardest drugs, and various toxic prescription drugs within only a two days; this even includes depression, addiction to pornography, video games, and gambling. In fact, after only one of such spiritual sessions, the level of consciousness in the individual who is undergoing a powerful cleansing of the body and spirit is upgraded in a natural manner, without excruciating abstinence which could otherwise last for weeks or even months. The Iboga treatment is sufficient to be administered but once, except in cases of more severe addictions, which is when we recommend two treatments.