Ibogaine Treatment Studio


IBOGA SofT reset studio expresses its aim and purpose through assistance to individuals in their spiritual growth, which is manifested by expanding consciousness and transformation of the psyche, which also has impact on revitalization of the human organism. A two-day stay at our reset studio is an opportunity for each person to fulfill his/hers desire not only for inner awakening, but also spiritual and internal change for better being in general, after which it is easier to take the better road to one’s valuable goal following a brighter lifestyle. The truth is, we could hardly help you this much if we did not have help of such a specific plant as Iboga – the whole path to participants’ healing is assisted by psychological guidance and advice held on appropriate energy level through high- intensity spiritual work gained through our personal experience and self-work using multiple methods. It is our satisfaction to cherish the art of spiritual healing through Iboga sessions – an ancient treatment for upgrading of the level of consciousness, elimination of the affliction of addiction, and progress of the entire health status. After only one session with Iboga treatment in our reset studio, people recover from severe internal conditions, after which they may enjoy their new and more cheerful life. This is why the name of Iboga, the mystical plant, deserves to always be inscribed with a capital I, with utmost respect and gratitude.

In essence, problems do not exist; they are only a reflection of the illusion of an ego we adopt ourselves, and should be regarded as a consequence of unclean energy in order to overcome that current level of external obstacle in life. Something similar happens with illnesses in humans, as an illness is nothing but a sign of warning as a reflection of spiritual imbalance caused by various unhealthy consumptions, which does not only imply junk food, drinks or even drugs or pharmaceuticals, but also negative information, stressful situations, thoughts, words, experiences and environment, as well as physical squalor of the body. When a person gets energetically cleansed, spiritually reset and emotionally balanced through an Iboga session, he/she starts functioning in much healthier biorhythm and the problem, that is, illusion – perishes. Of course, through this method it’s easier to improve and maintain health in order to avoid manifestation of the disease rather than treat the problem when the disease is already taking place, especially if we take into account that genetics or karma are also factors which can contribute to a certain internal or external state of the person.

According to scientific research, in the course of a day, a human has about 60,000 thoughts in total, on conscious and unconscious level. If we imagine that our conscious is the size of a tennis ball, our subconscious is the size of a basketball ball in proportion. So we can see that our sub-conscious has quite a lot of impact on our conscious, actually on thoughts, conclusions, decisions, and actions that we put into practice. That is why it is important that our consciousness is clear or in positive balance rather than stained with toxic bugs occurring due to unclean energies that have accumulated inside us, caused by negative emotions which are developed under the influence of unhealthy consumptions and experiences. When our inner spirituality gets cleaned and the sub-consciousness gets balanced, a person gets reset on a higher level of consciousness so that he/she can function in a healthier biorhythm, and the illness disappears automatically. The Iboga spirit is an extremely powerful natural detox and spiritual teacher of our consciousness; thus, after the session, sub-consciousness does not generate destructive confusion in our thoughts when selecting options to overcome situations we attract on our way through life path anymore, according to the system ‘Our thoughts determine our lives’ (Abbot Tadej).

Unfortunately for the humankind, this rare plant is not sufficiently taken care of, so its occurrence in African rainforests is diminishing. Only about a decade ago, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Gabon proclaimed Tabernanthe Iboga for a national treasure to protect it and preserve it in the plant world.

Iboga medicine occurs in several natural and synthetic forms (root bark, ibogaine TA, PTA and HCL); thus, depending on the needed effect of the session, a desired combination and amount of alkaloid is accurately prepared for consumption. In the West, it is mostly known after the fact that only one to two treatments successfully end addictions to soft and hard drugs, alcohol, as well as prescription drugs, i.e. substances which cause addiction.

During Iboga treatment, one undergoes the process of extreme detoxication of the body and soul, which is refreshing for the whole organism, as old energy disappears while new energy emerges. There are numerous examples of curing of various addictions and illnesses, or overall vital and spiritual progress in humans, which points to benefits of these sessions. Iboga is believed to be a miraculous ancient medicine, and there are thousands of examples of its efficiency. After just one treatment, more than 90% of people are liberated from internal suffers, frustrations, or severe addictions, many of them being in the last stage of illness and in severe life danger. After the Iboga treatment, in time, they became successful members of the society integrated in their settings as if they had never been addicted or ill.